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Agener União. A history of caring for the health of animals.

Eight decades. This is the lifetime of União Química, a company with 100% national capital that is proud to be one of the most solid and recognized pharmaceutical industries in Brazil. This success story began in 1936 with the founding of Laboratório Prata, a company acquired in 1971 by João Marques de Paulo. That year, the Chemical Union was born. Since then, a lot has happened. Acquisitions, national and international partnerships and much growth have become part of the routine of this great company.

However, what never changed was the innovative profile that always permeated all the actions of União Química. For this reason, it has always expanded its business to the maximum. In one of these diversifications, Agener União was born, with products aimed exclusively at animal health.

Created in 2000, Agener União Saúde Animal is a young exponent of the national market that stands out for its high growth rates. With a philosophy of investment in technology and qualification of its team, this division produces veterinary medicines with the same quality standard as human medicines, maintaining the pharmaceutical tradition consolidated over the seven decades by União Química.

Agener operates in three business segments: the Pet Line, aimed at medicines for dogs and cats, the Large Animal Line, with medicines for production animals such as cattle, sheep, goats, pigs and horses and the Tecnopec Line , innovative products in the area of ​​animal reproduction.

Now, you will know all the details of these lines that combine quality, efficiency and effectiveness to favor the practice of profitable and sustainable livestock.

É a Divisão veterinária da União Química Farmacêutica Nacional, empresa brasileira com mais de 85 anos de história no mercado farmacêutico.

Avenida Magalhães de Castro, 4.800
16º andar - Conjuntos 161 e 162
Edifício Continental Tower
05676-120 / São Paulo-SP

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